Can Comfy Be Chic?

Photography by Stephanie Olani Reyes

Your answer? Yes. I decided to switch it up this week and do a simpler outfit for you guys. I found this great plain white thermal at Goodwill that I got for $3.50 with my rewards card. Hooray for no pre-exsisting pit stains !  It was simple enough to dress down, but I felt like dressing it up a bit. I’m all about comfort, so that is always something I take into account when I’m getting ready for the day. This outfit was one of my favorites because it was so relaxed and loose fitting. On days when Steph and I have our shoots, I have class from 9:30- 2:20 and then we do our shoot right after class. So I do actually wear these outfits out and about. Although I must admit I brought some flats along for class so I didn’t end up having an unfortunate looking fall on some ice. That would be awkward.

Also, I want to thank everyone that has been sharing and liking Resourceful Refinement! I’ve gotten some amazing feedback from you all! Thank you so much for the support and keep spreading the word! (P.S. You can sign up to follow via email at the bottom of the page!)

I am also doing a survey for this same Senior Seminar class I am doing this blog for.  It only takes a few minutes to complete and it would be a huge help!







Top: Goodwill

Pants: Marshall’s, similar here

Shoes: Jessica Simpson, similar here

Jacket: Calvin Klein (present from the boyfriend, I really am a broke college student I promise)

Ring: Local Vintage Boutique

Necklace: I can’t remember which one, but I got it from one of those Alpaca stores at the mall. Yes, this is real life. (Thanks Aunt Nancy!)


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