My Collah So Fly You Can Call Me 2Chainz : Fashion Challenge

Photography by Stephanie Olani Reyes

Thigh highs…check. Oxfords…check.  Silky goodness from a thrift shop…check. Although I wasn’t on my way to my private Catholic school from back in the day, I was still gettin’ my Catholic school girl on. So my friend picked out this gorgeous top,at $4.50, all silk ( I didn’t even realize until another fashion major pointed it out). She said she didn’t want to go “too hard” on me. Wutevah, I ain’t gon’ say no.


I wanted to keep this alteration simple since the top was so gorgeous on it’s own, even though it was a little (or a lot) oversized. I found this multiple chain silver beaded necklace at the thrift shop as well for only $1.97 and thought I could somehow use the two together. Initially I thought I was going to use the chained necklace along the placket (aka where you button the shirt for the non-fashion obsessed), and even though the collar trend has come and gone… I don’t really care, I decided to embellish the collar anyway being the big rebel that I am.  I wanted the chains to look a little tougher and messier to contrast with the sophistication of the shirt.  I simply detached the chains from the necklace with wire cutters and hand sewed them on.  With the extra chains, I detached the beads and sewed them on for some extra “bling bling” as my mom would say (hi, mom). I left some chain ends hanging, and left some areas looser and dangling between stitches to achieve this look.






Top: Goodwill (upcycled)

Skirt: Deb (And yes, sometimes you can find some good stuff there for super cheap! No judgements people.)

Socks: Forever 21

Shoes: Urban Outfitters, similar here

Spoiler Alert: Next week’s Fashion Challenge is one for the books. Take a sneak peak below!




  1. Wow! At first I thought, “How is she going to pull this one off!” Glad I (your momma) could be your inspiration with the “bling, bling!” Love it!


    1. Will do!! I’m working on getting more photos of the DIY process for the Fashion Challenges. It’s so hard because I get so sucked into the project I forget to take the pictures (whoops). I can send you a link when I get the DIY for the collar up!! Thanks so much for your feedback!


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