He Was A Skater Boy, She Said See You Later Boy

Photography by Stephanie Olani Reyes

The song “Skater Boy” basically defines my childhood youth.  I thought Avril Lavigne was the coolest person on the planet because she was such a rebellious female, breaking all the social normalcies for the feminine ideal. I look back now and I still agree with my naive idolization, she just could have done it with a little less eyeliner. As far as woman crushes go, Avril and I parted ways. I’m onto a new woman and she goes by the name Lana Del Rey.

This week I decided to get a bit cray and ventured to Salvation Army  for my thrift hunt to switch things up.  They were slightly more expensive, but had a bigger selection.  My local store also had some AWESOME, and I mean AWESOMEEEEEE, old school suitcases.  It wasn’t even like they had just a few, there was a whole wall of them in every color. Although I didn’t pick one up (yet) I will get some photos for you for next week!

The graphic tees have been a huge trend lately and I love them to death.  They are so easy to throw on when I just feel like being comfy.  This Indiana University tee was $1.50 and I can already see it becoming a staple.  One great thing about thrift shopping is that the pieces are already lived in. Some see that as a bad thing, but I relish it.  Someone has lovingly worn that piece so much and so often, that it felt worn out or they outgrew it.  And us thrift shoppers reap all the rewards. No need to break in those leather boots, our dear friend, we’ll call her Becky, broke them in just for you.  And that denim jacket? Wrap yourself in that luxurious cotton because…Chad wore it to some great concerts knowing you would love that denim jacket as if it were your own puppy. So love the wear and tear, friends!

I wanted to share a great article I found on  WhoWhatWear with a guide on what to thrift and what to buy for this season. Be sure to check it out!






Top: Salvation Army

Pants: Can’t remember for the life of me. But they are falling apart and I’m a pathetic person for letting these pants reach that point.

Shoes: Converse

Hat: Borrowed from my wonderful sorority “little”

Rings: Madewell & Goodwill

Happy thrifting!



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