Elbow Fat Is the Latest Trend: Fashion Challenge

Photography by Stephanie Olani Reyes

Remember last week’s Fashion Challenge with that hideous dress for $4.50? (Look here for a refresher) Here, I bring you part two! So again, here is the initial dress…



While the print of the dress grew on me, I decided to make it into a top, a v-neck more specifically. I layered it with a lace bralette so I didn’t feel too exposed with the deep cut. I forgot to get some shots of the back, but I also put a deep v-cut in the back and kept the original buttons on the skirt.

Now if there is one part of my body I am insecure about, well it would be everything, just  like any other girl or woman.  But most of my insecurities stem from my arms. I have always felt they were “fat” and frequently refer to them as “bingo arms”. I have trouble finding tops that fit my small frame but large arms, which only adds to my troubles. And this photo shoot, I don’t know what I did but it really accentuated my arm… situation. To clarify, no I have never broken or sprained my arms. That is just their natural beauty. I decided to put these unflattering photos up anyway because I don’t really care anymore. Okay, I lied, I totally care. I just prefer to get it all out in the open. Fashion bloggers give women a bad rep. I don’t mean that in an entirely bad way, but it seems that most popular fashion bloggers are super skinny, pretty and model on the side. It gives us an idealistic image that society says we are supposed to look like, but most women do not. I will be the first to say that I do not fall into that idealistic image. So come one and come all to see my weird looking elbow fat.  Love it or leave it.

And a big thank you to my friend Angela who helped inspire me with her blog post on body image (link here).








Top: Upcycled from Goodwill

Pants: American Eagle Outfitters, similar here

Lace Bralette: Aerie

Shoes: Target

Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Ring: Goodwill

Happy thrifting!



  1. You are right, that was one really ugly dress. But I really love the colors in the print – you turned it into a neat summer top. Way to go!

    PS – and your arms look just fine! 🙂


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