Month: April 2014

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Capetown :Fashion Challenge

Photography by Stephanie Olani Reyes

When shopping at thrift stores, most likely nothing will fit you perfectly, just like this skirt my friend Tiff picked out. It would barely stay above my hips, making for a highly inappropriate photo, hence this “subway style” shoot below. I stopped by Salvation Army on  “Family Day” again so I got my pieces for half off. This skirt was $1.99 (originally $3.99). It has some great buttons that I wanted to try to include in the look, but it ended up being too preppy for me with what I ended up making, so I’ll save them for a later project. Lucky for me, a set in stain came included with the skirt! I have no idea what it was and I have no intent to find out.  But I made a trip to the Dollar Tree to pick up some “Awesome”. It is basically the cleaning solution of the Gods and can get almost any stain out.





Since the skirt was huge, I knew I didn’t want to keep the skirt as is. I literally just put the skirt on me like a cape and it was like the heavens had spoken. I cut the waistband off and took the pockets out.  My friend had to help me with some sewing techniques, as you may remember, I am not an expert sewer. Luckily, my friend Alison is and expert sewer, being the amazing costume design major that she is.  But I gathered the top after cutting off the waistband and just cut and hemmed slits for my arms at the length I wanted them. When I was looking up cape inspirations, I found some really cool elaborate ones ( see Rag & Bone cape on my pinterest) and simple, but elegant ones (check out le fashion). I really wanted to add fringe, but I didn’t find a fringe that I felt really worked with the cape, so I opted to keep it simple and chic. I also apologize for my hair, it was a long day, so all my lovely baby hairs came out to play.







Top: JCPenney, I heart ronson line

Pants: BCBG via Marhsall’s

Shoes: Urban Outfitters, similar

Belt: Hand-me-down from my Aunt again

Purse: Prada (My friends mom gave it away to me because she received it as a gift and didn’t want it! Someone’s trash is another’s very expensive, luxurious treasure!


Happy thrifting! xo

The Best Compliment I Ever Received

Photography by Stephanie Olani Reyes

If you know me, you know how obsessed with Miley Cyrus I am. I don’t care how crazy she is, I love her. I have loved her since her Hannah Montana days (and yes at that time I was way too old to be watching the show) and will love her forevermore. When my friend Alyssa saw my outfit for the photo shoot, she said it “was very Miley”. I nearly cried with joy. And it wouldn’t have been that silent, “please don’t notice me” cry. It would have been the mascara-running, “are you even breathing?”, “where is all that snot coming from?” cry.  Lucky for Alyssa, I chose to keep my cool.

I had been on the lookout for a good pair of “mom jeans” after seeing them pop up on every website, even getting noticed by abc news. I wish I was lying when I said that, but sadly I am not.  Now the trend is coming to the masses with various articles educating those that don’t spend their time on the computer when they should be writing 2 papers, studying for a test and preparing to present at a business conference…not referring to anyone in particular of course.

Mom jeans are tough when it comes to outfitting (check out this post for some inspiration), but I promise you, you will thank me. They are more comfortable than anything, especially if you pick up a pair already worn in from a thrift shop, but unfortunately, Mackelmore lied, they won’t be 99 cents. I grabbed mine on sale at Salvation Army (yes, they even have sales!).  They were originally $4.99, but it was “Family Day”, so certain tags were half off, snagging these for $2.50.

Thrift away smilerz, cause this denim trend is here to stay…








Top: American Eagle Outfitters (if you have not gathered by now, I currently work there), similar here and here

Jeans: Salvation Army

Shoes: Amazon, this pair is also pretty cute here

Necklace: American Eagle Outfitters, similar here

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters


Happy Thrifting! xo