Let’s get one thing straight. I do not live in LA.  I do not have free clothes shipped to me from luxury designers.  I do not own thousands of dollars worth of accessories. But, I am a fashion blogger.

Now this may come as a surprise to some, but fashion doesn’t always have to be expensive. Yes, yes we all hear that.  But it gets tough when you see all those popular fashion bloggers wearing Céline, Prada and things that you could never afford, even if you sold everything including your left toe. Take it from someone nominated by her sorority as “Most likely to be on Extreme Cheapskate“.  If you know me personally you know I hate spending a lot of money on my clothes (although I wish I could).  I am always looking for the best deals, while slowly expanding my closet.  My goal is to get my closet to the point where I could clothe a small army of incredibly well-dressed and accessorized women to rule the world.

Now my mission is to prove that good fashion is affordable. With every other post, my friends and family will choose a piece of clothing or accessory for me from a local thrift store.  It can be as beautiful or hideous as they see fit, with no input from myself (except I may switch up the clothing category they can choose from so I am not re-doing a top for every post).  I will then be allowed to alter the piece however I want or leave it “as is”, if I don’t think it’s too terrible, and style an outfit with it.  For the other posts, I will be choosing the item myself to style, again, from a thrift store. And I promise you, it won’t look like I did it with a blindfold on…at least not all the time.

Wish me luck!