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The Best Compliment I Ever Received

Photography by Stephanie Olani Reyes

If you know me, you know how obsessed with Miley Cyrus I am. I don’t care how crazy she is, I love her. I have loved her since her Hannah Montana days (and yes at that time I was way too old to be watching the show) and will love her forevermore. When my friend Alyssa saw my outfit for the photo shoot, she said it “was very Miley”. I nearly cried with joy. And it wouldn’t have been that silent, “please don’t notice me” cry. It would have been the mascara-running, “are you even breathing?”, “where is all that snot coming from?” cry.  Lucky for Alyssa, I chose to keep my cool.

I had been on the lookout for a good pair of “mom jeans” after seeing them pop up on every website, even getting noticed by abc news. I wish I was lying when I said that, but sadly I am not.  Now the trend is coming to the masses with various articles educating those that don’t spend their time on the computer when they should be writing 2 papers, studying for a test and preparing to present at a business conference…not referring to anyone in particular of course.

Mom jeans are tough when it comes to outfitting (check out this post for some inspiration), but I promise you, you will thank me. They are more comfortable than anything, especially if you pick up a pair already worn in from a thrift shop, but unfortunately, Mackelmore lied, they won’t be 99 cents. I grabbed mine on sale at Salvation Army (yes, they even have sales!).  They were originally $4.99, but it was “Family Day”, so certain tags were half off, snagging these for $2.50.

Thrift away smilerz, cause this denim trend is here to stay…








Top: American Eagle Outfitters (if you have not gathered by now, I currently work there), similar here and here

Jeans: Salvation Army

Shoes: Amazon, this pair is also pretty cute here

Necklace: American Eagle Outfitters, similar here

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters


Happy Thrifting! xo


Spring, Where Are You?

Photography by Stephanie Olani Reyes

In the dead of a cold, blistering wind that could only be brought about by the presence of a tornado, Steph and I had this joyous shoot. Okay, so I may be a bit dramatic, but you try channeling Tyra Banks while freezing your tuchus off. You can’t say I’m not dedicated as I received looks from those passing by like I had been walking an warthog on a leash. Steph… she just laughed as she was all bundled up in her warm coat and hat.  At least I had my tea!

With graduation being right around the corner, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for interview and business appropriate clothes. I am not one for a simple looking blazer, and of course, the blazers that I do like are really expensive and way out of my price range. So short sleeves it is!  My friend that picked out my item to alter this week actually spotted this top. It was $4.50 at Salvation army.  White is been really on trend and with the interesting neckline/sleeve detail, my mind was made up.  I was rushing around to finish projects for midterms and study for tests, so I needed a simple outfit that was easy and comfortable to get me through the whole day on campus (mostly in the library…in the farthest corner…on the third floor…with soundproof earphones…complete with three full days worth in meals and coffee). The vest was a last minute addition, as the library sometimes gets a bit chilly.

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While you are at it, check out my full DIY from my “Suit Up” Fashion Challenge featured on Rent the Runway (click here).  I will be attending their Capstone Weekend and leaving on Friday so I am really excited!






Top: Salvation Army

Vest: Former jacket (I cut the sleeves off) that my mother didn’t want…and my mother didn’t think I would wear …. el. oh. el.

Jeans: Who else but American Eagle Outfitters, similar here

Boots: Dolce Vita, similar here


Happy Thrifting! xo

He Was A Skater Boy, She Said See You Later Boy

Photography by Stephanie Olani Reyes

The song “Skater Boy” basically defines my childhood youth.  I thought Avril Lavigne was the coolest person on the planet because she was such a rebellious female, breaking all the social normalcies for the feminine ideal. I look back now and I still agree with my naive idolization, she just could have done it with a little less eyeliner. As far as woman crushes go, Avril and I parted ways. I’m onto a new woman and she goes by the name Lana Del Rey.

This week I decided to get a bit cray and ventured to Salvation Army  for my thrift hunt to switch things up.  They were slightly more expensive, but had a bigger selection.  My local store also had some AWESOME, and I mean AWESOMEEEEEE, old school suitcases.  It wasn’t even like they had just a few, there was a whole wall of them in every color. Although I didn’t pick one up (yet) I will get some photos for you for next week!

The graphic tees have been a huge trend lately and I love them to death.  They are so easy to throw on when I just feel like being comfy.  This Indiana University tee was $1.50 and I can already see it becoming a staple.  One great thing about thrift shopping is that the pieces are already lived in. Some see that as a bad thing, but I relish it.  Someone has lovingly worn that piece so much and so often, that it felt worn out or they outgrew it.  And us thrift shoppers reap all the rewards. No need to break in those leather boots, our dear friend, we’ll call her Becky, broke them in just for you.  And that denim jacket? Wrap yourself in that luxurious cotton because…Chad wore it to some great concerts knowing you would love that denim jacket as if it were your own puppy. So love the wear and tear, friends!

I wanted to share a great article I found on  WhoWhatWear with a guide on what to thrift and what to buy for this season. Be sure to check it out!






Top: Salvation Army

Pants: Can’t remember for the life of me. But they are falling apart and I’m a pathetic person for letting these pants reach that point.

Shoes: Converse

Hat: Borrowed from my wonderful sorority “little”

Rings: Madewell & Goodwill

Happy thrifting!

Why Oprah and I Are Twins

Photography by Stephanie Olani Reyes

When thrifting, you would be considered lucky if you found a good name brand or designer piece. With my phenomenal thrifting skills, hard work, dedication, motivation, intelligence and any other adjective you would use to describe Oprah, I’ve been able to find quite a few pieces on my adventures. (If you didn’t already know, a lot of people compare me to Oprah for some reason. And by a lot of people I mean just myself.) I was staying in Pittsburgh last summer while completing an internship when I found this Diane Von Furstenberg  blouse at a vintage consignment shop . It was a little pricey for a thrift shop find at $16, but it was totally worth it. Yes, I realize it is weird looking and odd, but I still love it as I would my first born child. Have I gotten made fun of when I wear this shirt? Totally. But at least I look killah when I do. It’s one of those pieces that I think is great on it’s own so it doesn’t need much accessorizing, simple jeans and heels will do. Check out these awesome shots below where you can see some great close ups of my cold ears, hair tie marks on my wrist, and crooked teeth…just like Oprah.

A lot of my friends often ask how I find such great pieces at thrift shops.  One of the biggest keys is location.  With thrift shops there is always a Goodwill and Salvation Army nearby. Usually you can find a few good pieces there if you are in a good area. When I’m home from school, I go to a Goodwill about 40 minutes from my house, but I usually find some great brands there so for me its worth it. The store is located in an area that is known for it’s wealth so they don’t mind giving away a few good brands with the rest of what they consider junk. Another big thing  people sometimes forget about is consignment shops. A lot of times, people don’t do their research.  Even just in your local area you may have an awesome consignment shop you never knew about just because you never heard of it. There is Plato’s closet of course where I’ve been able to find some great stuff, but I’m talking about the real consignment shops. When in Pittsburgh, I was on the prowl.  I ended up finding this absolutely amazing local consignment shop with a lot of awesome name brands. My friend was able to score some Alice and Olivia pants for $11! At the same shop, I ended up finding what is now known as the smurf jacket.  Don’t worry, I won’t leave the smurf jacket open to interpretation.  There will be a post on the smurf jacket, Girl Scout promise.






Top: Vintage Diane Von Furstenberg

Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters (cut with my handy skills to make them cropped)

Shoes: Express, clearance of course

Wallet: Michael Kors (another gift from the boyfriend)

Human…or Oriental Rug?

Photography by Stephanie Olani Reyes

Now this snazzy little number was spotted by one of my friends, again a solid $3.50. I usually steer clear from the women’s shirt section because they are cluttered with company logos, weird sequined designs and just the oddest but most fascinating things you could imagine. Sometimes I have to remind myself that real live humans bring these items in and they are actually worn in public, where other people can see them. My question is where do these women shop and how can I be friends with them? So anyways, I was surprised when my friend pulled this tank out that was relatively cute. Steph even thought it would be cute as a crop top, so I possibly may be chopping into this little pup later on.

P.S. Pardon my lobster claw hands…the metal was really cold…







Top: Goodwill

Sweater: Forever 21, similar here

Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters

Boots: Urban Outfitters, similar here

Necklace: Urban Outfitters

So question for all of you… what is your favorite item you have found at a thrift store?